With Mushrooms, Bacon and Beaujolais Wine
(Ingredients for four)

4 Duck Legs

1 Shallot chopped

1 Carrot diced

1 Stick celery diced

½ Bottle Beaujolais wine



Seal the Duck legs in a frying pan and then transfer to a saucepan. Sauté the diced vegetables and the shallots in the frying pan until golden brown, then transfer to the saucepan. Pour the wine over the duck legs and top up with enough water to cover the ingredients. Simmer very gently until the duck legs are tender, roughly 1½ hours.

When cooked, remove the duck legs from the stock and allow to cool. Refrigerate until needed. Make a sauce from the stock by reducing it and thickening to a syrupy consistency. Adjust the seasoning to your taste.


To Serve

½ lb button mushrooms

¼ lb diced smoked back bacon

Roast the Duck legs in a hot oven until the skin is crispy. Pour some sauce on a plate top with the Duck leg and sprinkle over the sautéed mushrooms and bacon.

Great with potato cakes and, of course, Beaujolais wine!